Wrong Bias Podcast

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As we are currently in isolation and of course missing the bowls – so for some of you not working from home, or gardening or simply just want a break then here is a podcast well worth listening to.

This is possibly the first podcast for bowls and is put together by our local neighbours / friends from Durham – David Bolt and Richie Mckie. I understand these are very informative, interesting and overall a real good listen.

The podcast covers a variety of topics, which are local, national and worldwide. There are also guest interviews along with competitions in each podcast. So I would recommend to listen and finally to David and Richie a big well done – as anything to promote, and push our game forward is great and should be applauded.

Here is a link to the podcast and all the episodes so far.


Finally please share / spread the word…….and the good work involved in this.