Women - Rules


  1. Every club affiliated to the association to be eligible to compete provided the club has 12 or more registered players.  A player may only play out of one Club at any time. A play may transfer to one other Club through the season but may NOT play again for their original Club during that season.
  2. The game shall be played on a Wednesday in accordance with the fixture list. A side will consist of 12 Players, 3 rinks of 4 players, playing 18 ends. One shot to count on first 2 ends. ALL GAMES TO COMMENCE AT 2 pm. Secretary or Captain to toss for jack to commence game.
  3. In all League Matches, six points will be awarded to the winning team, with three points each in a drawn game, in addition, two points will be awarded to each winning rink (one point each for a draw). MAXIMUM 12 POINTS.
  4. If within a period of 30 minutes of the time fixed for the game, a single player is absent from one or both sides, the game shall proceed, the defaulting side(s) should make up the bowls deficit by the lead and second player each playing with 3 MATCHING BOWLS and a quarter of the rinks score shall be deducted at the end of the game. This rule also applies where both sides play 3 against each other, clubs should ensure that one lead and one second player is carrying three woods, if two or more players are absent from one team, the opponents claim the match and 6 points will be awarded provided their full team of 12 is present.
  5. Any side fielding a team of 11 players on more than three games will on the fourth and subsequent game be penalised by losing any points and shots that the team fielding 3 players might collect. The 2 rink points will be awarded to the opposing rink. When a team is in default, the Hon league Secretary will notify both secretaries of the amendment of the score.
  6. A club cannot request a rearranged game because they are unable to raise a team. Any club cancelling a game for this reason will not earn points or shots and the opponents will claim the match and be awarded.                                                  6 match points plus 3 rink points (9 points in total) any club cancelling 3 games in one season for this reason may not be re-admitted to the league. A game can only be rearranged if adverse weather or unsafe  ground conditions will not allow the game to start or if the green is committed to another game (i.e. visiting tourists) Should a game have to be cancelled because of bad weather the home club should contact the opponents before 11.30am thus allowing sufficient time to cancel transport and inform all players.
  7. At the start of the game it must be the intention to complete 18 ends in accordance with rule 2 to constitute a game. Where deteriorating weather conditions cause the green to be dangerous and provided both secretaries/captains agree, where at least 11 ends have been completed by each rink the result for each rink will count at the time the game is stopped. The game will then be declared as having been played.
  8. If 11 ends have not been completed as described in rule 7, the match is then considered unfinished and the following applies: – a)Where the game is unfinished, it shall resume with the scores as they were when the game was stopped. An end commenced, but not completed shall be declared void. b)The match must be completed as soon as possible and before the end of the season. Failure to comply will result in the points being awarded to the opponents as described in paragraph 6.      Any disputes should be referred to the Hon League Secretary, if the league Secretary cannot give a solution then the complaint will be referred  to the Bowls Northumberland Women’s section committee.
  9. Home team to provide tea and biscuits after the game and to appoint one person to act as umpire before start of game.
  10. Official score sheets, supplied to each club, must be completed by the home team, signed by the representative of both clubs after the game and posted immediately by first class post  to the Hon league Secretary.
  11. In the event of two or more clubs finishing the league on equal points, the highest aggregate shots shall determine the winner. In the event of a draw, the matter shall be referred to the committee for consideration.
  12. DRESS CODE: registered club tops etc can be worn. Otherwise grey regulation skirt/trousers.  White or cream tops, opaque with sleeves and collar. White waterproof hats, if worn, should be white with the exception of green visors.
  13. Smoking is not permitted during any game (including mixed competitions).
  14. For safety reasons, umbrellas are not recommended as these could be a danger to other players.   Liability may fall on club or individuals.