Women - Walker Cup

National Walker Cup 2024

Format: 2 rinks of 4 players – 2 bowls, 21 ends.

Round 1: Nottinghamshire v Northumberland: 9th June, 1:30pm @ York Railway Bowling Club – Arrive by 12:30pm

Dress: County Shirts & Navy trousers/ Crop/ Shorts/ Skirt

Travel: Car Share to arrive by 12:30pm. Driver to arrange pick-up location.

  • K.Proctor, R.Cartwright, C.Gardner, K.Sultman
  • S.MacDonald, M.Turner, J.Allen
  • V.Symon, S.Dent, R.Robinson, V.Shepherd
  • B.Ware, M.Maddison, D.Taylor
  • S.Storey, P.Varley, M.Ross

Round 2:  v Derbyshire/ Yorkshire, Sunday 23rd June. @ Regional Finals

Click here for the Walker Cup – North draw and results.

Walker Cup - North - Play on 9th June @ York Railway, 1:30 pm

Tie Competitor (Club) Score   Competitor (Club) Score
1 Nottinghamshire v Northumberland

Walker Cup Team Selection

Lead Second Third Skip
K Sultman K Proctor R Cartwright B Ware
M Ross P Varley V Symons C Gardner
Travelling Reserves: D Taylor, S MacDonald