Constitutions - Women

1. Title: The Association shall be called Bowls Northumberland.
2. Objects: (a) The Association shall be affiliated to Bowls England and conform to its rules and Regulations. (b) to hold National Championships annually in Singles, pairs, Triples and Fours and other competitions and to hold inter county matches; (c) to help and advise when called upon to determine differences between affiliated clubs.
3. Membership: Membership shall be open to all Ladies Clubs or sections of clubs, in the County of Northumberland. Applications, in writing, must be made to the Honorary Secretary by 30th September. All greens must be of the standard set out by the governing bodies.
4. Fees and Subscriptions: (a) Every new club shall pay a joining fee of £20. (b) The Annual Subscription to Bowls Northumberland shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting .
5. Insurance: All clubs must produce a copy, or details, of their current Insurance Certificate to the County Secretary as soon as possible after the effective date.
6. Disciplinary Rules: Are those defined in Rule 9 of the Bowls England Regulations and should be referred to in the first instance.
7. Administration: (a) The affairs of Bowls Northumberland shall be conducted by a Council consisting of Executive Officers (President, Vice President, IPP, Hon. Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Hon.Competition Secretary and Hon.Assistant Secretary), elected at the Annual general Meeting and one delegate from each club. (b) Ten (10) members shall form a quorum. Each executive member and each delegate shall have one vote. The president may use her casting vote when needed. The county committee consisting of the President, Vice President, IPP, Hon.Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary. and Assistant Secretary shall have power to fill any vacancy arising during the year, and the power to elect Sub-Committees. Nominations shall be sent to the Hon.Secretary by 30th September each year. (c) The retiring president shall remain a full voting member of the committee for the ensuing year.
8. Sub-Committees: (a) The County Management Committee shall consist of the officers of the Association. The committee to act only for urgent or special purposes, but shall have power to deal with all matters relating to the Association not provided for for in these rules; (b) The Selection Committee shall comprise five selectors, the President and Hon.Secretary who will automatically be elected and three others who shall be nominated each year with only one nomination per affiliated club. Two selectors may be eligible for county play.
9. Bowls England Delegates: Shall be the County Hon.Secretary and her nominated representative.
10. Annual and Other General Meetings: (a) The A.G.M. of the Association shall be held on the first Thursday in December. Only one delegate to vote on behalf of her club. At least 14 days notice for all other meetings shall be given. All items to be discussed under Any Other Business is to be notified to the Hon.Secretary at least 7 days before the date of the A.G.M. (b) A special General Meeting can be summoned on the request of one affiliated Club to consider the nature of such business as stated in their requisition which must be signed by three officers of the appealing club. Only such business as stated in requisition to be discussed. (c) The County Committee may convene a Special General Meeting of the Association at any time if they determine that sufficient cause has been shown by giving at least 7 days notice.