Jubilee Cup Rules

1. Teams of four players (One rink) will represent a club and groups consist of four teams. In order to provide for an even draw, the GPC will have discretion to invite a second rink to participate based on the highest club membership as reported at the 1st May in the previous year. All teams in each group will be play each other.

2. The match will consist of three games, each of nine ends. dead ends to be replayed.

3. Only one trial end will be played i.e. before the start of the first game.

4. Two points will be awarded for a win in each game, one point for a draw.

5. Group winners will be determined by points. In the event of two teams having the same number of points, shots difference will dictate the winner then, if necessary the result of the match played between the two clubs will determine the winner. If necessary, shots scored and ends won during the afternoon’s play will determine the winner. If all these conditions fail to determine a winner the toss of a coin will decide. Should three teams have the same number of points, shots difference, shots scored, ends won, during the afternoon’s play will determine the winner. If all these conditions still cannot determine the winner the toss of a coin will decide.

6. Group winners in Stage 1 / Stage 2 may, if desired, change their team for the subsequent stage of the competition but players who have played in a club’s second team and have been eliminated will not be eligible to substitute. No substitutes nor any change in the rink order will be allowed during an afternoon’s play except in the case of illness or real emergency.

7. The winning club will hold the “Grifiths Cup” for one year and momentos will be awarded to the four members of the winning team. The Runners-Up will hold the “Jubilee Cup” for one year.

8. A Buffet will be provided for the Final when all players in the Final will be expected to stay behind and participate.

9. Dress to be in accordance with Condition 3 (DRESS) of County Competition Conditions.

10. Should a club enter the competition but withdraw within four weeks of their first scheduled matches or fail to turn up when due to play they will be fined £20 and barred from entering the competition until the fine is paid.

11. Closing date for entry is 31st October. the entrance fee is £5

12. A player having represented his club in the Jubilee Cup, CANNOT play for another club in the same season.

13. Any player that is unregistered in County competitions or is registered / entered to another club outside of BN and they win a tie, then that player/team will be in default and will be disqualified from the competition.