Men’s Cup Draws 2021

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The draw for all the cups are now available – that is Edwardson, Challenge and Jubilee.

On the Challenge Cup ideally I would like another club – that would make 5 sections of 6 clubs in each section.  So if any club is interested please contact myself ( at the earliest opportunity.

I do also acknowledge these cup competitions are dependant on what the current situation with Covid-19 and numbers allowed at each venue, along with format of play.  This is also one of the reasons why I am leaving the Challenge Cup in August, as by then we will be in a better position hopefully.  Also taking it out of June removes pressure on clubs fielding teams in a peak period, plus the weather on the normal Saturday recently has not been good as it always seems to rain!

On the Edwardson and Jubilee – the dates are type of provisional for now. As before I am very mindful of the current situation and if these cups can’t take place at this time then there is room to move these to later in the season, perhaps early July for Edwardson and August for the Jubilee cup.