Women’s County Concludes with Cumbria

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Our County fixtures came to a conclusion on Friday 30th July at home against Cumbria. The weather this day was certainly different to that of my last report – with no sun in sight but plenty of cloud and rain!

In the Stella Logan Northumberland only managed to score 1 point with L York defeating P Hodgson 12 -8. Our E Boaden was incredibly unlucky and only lost out by 1  shot to J Walker, it was H Raynard who really inflicted the damage to our Stella side and defeated A. Taws 3 – 35. Overall N’land lost 27 to 56.

Our run of unlucky scores continued for the Northern, C Gardner lost by 3 to J Bell and M Cowan by 6 to C Bannister. However our S Storey hung on in and secured 1 point for Northumberland winning 11 -10 against  P Peile. Overall N’land lost by 8 shots (36 -44).


Northern Counties Stella Logan
Northumberland Cumbria Northumberland Cumbria
S Storey 11 10 P Peile E Boaden 12 13 J Walker
M Cowan 10 16 C Bannister L York 12 8 P Hodgson
C Gardner 15 18 J Bell A Taws 3 35 H Raynard
Total 36 44 Total Total 42 84 Total
Points 1 4 Points Points 1 4 Points