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Apologies for lack of updates – and of course Christmas and New Year messages, as well as leagues and competitions. On Men’s leagues I have now managed to put the Nines on – some of you are probably aware of this already.

The reason behind this was the website has had a number of issues – mainly with the site being hacked, and therefore a number of things had to happen including cleaning of the site and not putting / updating site with news/updates.

In addition the site was migrated and unfortunately as advised earlier the version we received was nearly a year old – not ideal. Despite promises of a newer version – this never happened and time was of the essence to get things on. Also when the site was migrated a number of pages had errors / faults. Some or most of yourselves may not see this, as the page loaded at the front end but not at the back end – where updates are done etc etc. I’ve had to rebuild or create new menus, pages and in some instances this is still ongoing.

I will keep you posted but hopefully we are over the worst! And thank you for your patience on this.