IMPORTANT – Law Rescinded

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With immediate effect (May 25th) law 37.1.3 and have been rescinded. Meaning there is no sanction of forfeiting a game for deliberately displacing a bowl in motion or at rest.

This decision was made by the World Bowls Governing Body. This was due to concerns over people incorrectly forfeiting games, whereby the player innocently prevented a bowl from entering the ditch. Details can be found here, World Bowls – Law Rescinded .

The following rules still apply;

Displacement of a bowl in motion: Opponent places the bowl where they believe it should’ve come to rest and restores any part of the head moved after the displacement or, declares the end dead.

Displacement of a bowl at rest: Opponent returns the displaced bowl to it’s former position and any other parts of the head that were moved after the displacement.

Note: any changes to the head before displacement are valid.


Questions? Contact me, your EBUA area coordinator – Rachel Cartwright