Challenge Cup Update

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The Challenge Cup starts on Saturday (6th August) – across 6 venues.

Unfortunately 5 clubs have dropped out so far.

Therefore, there are 2 options to take out one host section, or to move one club to another venue. I thought the second option is better at this stage, otherwise it would have meant one club travelling to Haltwhistle, where they expected to go to Gosforth & Coxlodge.

So at this stage I am moving Gosforth Garden Village from section A to section D. If things change in the next 24 hours with more withdrawals another re-think will be needed! I know I was going to potentially move the Challenge Cup away from this Saturday (as it clashes with a football match for one) – but then you are limited on dates going forward.

The clubs dropped out so far are (with host club in brackets) –

Section C (Collingwood) – Ashington

Section D (Gosforth & Coxlodge) – Heaton Victoria and Tynemouth

Section E (Haltwhistle) – Health & Security

Section F (Morpeth) – Linton Lions

Paperwork will be issued to all host clubs tonight/Or tomorrow am (via e-mail) – apologies for delay on this, but as you can see with the changes and withdrawals it was essential to hang on until this point.