Benevolent Winners!

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Semi-finals & final of the Benevolent Triples took place today at Hexham Elvaston.

S.Storey (G) 17 v B.Ware (WM) 9

Whitley and Monkseaton took the lead on the 2nd, 5th and 7th ends but by the 10th end Gosforth had taken over and led 11-8. They were now in their stride and won 4 out of the last 5 ends to win the game 17-9.

F.Charlton (M) 17 v J.Gledhill (NB) 9

Morpeth took an early lead in this game and they continued to dominate leading 11-1 by end 6. Then Newbiggin mounted their come back to bring the score to 7-12 after end 10. Morpeth won the next 4 ends to extend their lead to 17-7 and even though Newbiggin scored 2 on the last end, Morpeth had secured their place in the final.

After a break the final was played between S.Storey (G) and F.Charlton (M)

This game was an exciting match which was nip and tuck the whole way, with never more than one in it. But then Gosforth managed to score 5 on the 13th end and that was the turning point. Morpeth tried hard to win these points back but Gosforth went on to seal the deal with 3 on the last end to win the final 15-9.

Congratulations to Gosforth who were our reigning champions!!

A big thank you to Hexham Elvaston for hosting this event and providing much needed refreshments, it was all very much appreciated.


Benevolent Winners 2023 – Gosforth

Benevolent R-Up 2023 – Morpeth