Walker Cup

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Sunday 9th June saw BNWS played the first round of the Walker Cup against Nottinghamshire On a neutral green, at York RI.

Having been beaten by us last year Notts. were out for revenge, they were a much changed side this year.

BN selectors opted for those players who due to work and school commitments are not normally available for County play along with stalwarts Bev Ware, Pam. Varley and Christine Gardner to add experience to the team.

The green was in good nick but that could not be said about the weather. It kept dry but it was so cold and windy certainly not “flaming June”. However both teams started well and by ten ends we were snapping at Notts. heels 15 v 22, Christine having picked up a good 5 on the eighth end helped our cause. After the tenth end Bev’s team pressed down on the accelerator and took 8 shots off her opposition, she was now leading 15 v 9 and we thought cruising but Notts answered with 5 shots of their own now 15 v 14. By this time the supporters were moving around the green from seat to seat to try a keep tabs on all the ends (and trying to keep warm). Eighteenth end saw us 31 v 36 down but not out. The next two ends saw Christine’s team pick up 6 shots and Bev 1 shot , and Notts picking up 1 shot on the twentieth end so all in all going in to the last end Bev was 18 v 15 up, Christine 20 v 22 down. (38 v 37)

Christine’s rink finished her last end dropping a shot, the tension was mounting. Bev having lost the twentieth end meant she would have last wood, hopefully not needing to play it. Kayleigh Proctor playing second gained the shot for us but only for it to be taken off her, up stepped sister Rachel who regained it. Nip and tuck it was, Bev slightly heavy with her first, but another good back wood, nowt for short as they say. The Notts skip drew in for two and Bev with the last wood just missed the trail and the game was over Notts picking up a 2.

The supporters were well entertained by a great display of bowling excellence from both sides. Northumberland can be assured our sport is in safe hands after such a match played by our team and in the spirit in which they all played. Well done.