Benevolent Triples

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BNWS held the Benevolent Triples Competition yesterday at Morpeth BC in glorious sunshine. We had 22 entries so 12 teams had to play in a prelim round and 10 had a bye into round 1.


Results are below: 

Prelim Round:

  • M.Waldock (NB) 15 v F.Charlton (M) 13
  • S.Milroy (M) 14 v M.Thompson ((LY) 13
  • M.Urwin (NW) 8 v V.Shepherd (AK) 10
  • C.Clark (NB) 10 v A-M.Murray (FH) 12
  • S.MacDonald (HX) 10 v S.Fletcher (WM) 22
  • M.Cowen (PE) 13 v A.Wilson (M) 10

There were some very close games in this round, including one game which had to play an extra end.


Round 1:

  • M.Waldock 18 v S.Milroy 6
  • V.Shepherd 5 v A-M.Murray 29
  • S.Fletcher 8 v M.Cowen 17
  • P.Varley (PE) 13 v S.Storey (G) 12
  • S.Yuill (M) 4 v C.Hume (AK) 20
  • B.Ware (WM) 17 v M.Dodd (PE) 9
  • N.Davidson (LY) 10 v R.Brown (AK) 15
  • C.Graham Scott (WM) 9 v S.Donaghy (M) 13


Round 2:

  • M.Waldock 11 v A-M.Murray 19
  • M.Cowen 10 v P.Varley 23
  • C.Hume 15 v B.Ware 12
  • R.Brown 14 v S.Donaghy 10


So our semi finalists are:

  • A-M.Murray (FH) v P.Varley (PE)
  • C.Hume (AK) v R.Brown (AM)


These will take place on Thursday 11th July at Gosforth Coxlodge starting at 10am. Followed by lunch and then the final. Congratulations to these teams.


Some great bowling today ladies. Although some slow play on some rinks meant it was a very long day!

So we need to discuss next year’s arrangements for this competition at our next delegates meeting. This could include making the draw beforehand and whether we bring in a time limit or 15 ends.


A big thank you to Morpeth BC for hosting this event; for sorting out all the equipment; providing non stop hot drinks all day and umpiring when required, it was all greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Karen Milner for stepping in as a substitute for one of the Newbiggin teams

Also thank you to all the spectators who came to support this event and the photographers who supplied me with photos


I have a few raffle prizes that were not claimed:

  • Peach 551
  • Yellow border 353
  • Pink border 284
  • Pale blue 733, 730, 741

If you have one of these tickets please send Bev Ware proof and she can organise getting it to you? If not then she will take the prizes to the Norris Competition next week.