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The Women’s 4 Bowl Champion of Champions Competition takes place at Lesbury BC this Saturday 8th June starting at 10am.

We are now down to 12 entries from the original 14.

As Lesbury only have 4 rinks we will need to stagger the starts.

These players are in the prelim round starting at 10am and if successful will then move on into round 1 when a rink becomes available:


  • S.Storey (G)
  • A.Pearson (PE)
  • A.Dunton (P)
  • S.Carter (HX)
  • N.Scott (NDK)
  • H.Jobe (C)
  • E.Saint (M)
  • V.Symons (WR)


These players have a bye into round 1 so they need to arrive to start approx at 11.15/30am. This group will only get 1 game:

11:15 am

  • M.Allan (R)
  • R.Cartwright (BD)
  • C.Nelson (AM)
  • D.Higgins (WM)


Those players reaching the semi finals will play during our semi final weekend at Benfield BC on 13/14th July and then the finals will take place on 27/28th July during our Northumberland Finals weekend at Portland BC.


Lesbury BC is easy to find either from the coastal road or up the A1 to Alnwick and across. Once you get to the roundabout by the bridge head into the village and you pass the Coach Inn on your left and then the school hall, you will then see a sign for Lesbury BC leading up a little lane to the car park at the back. (There will also be 2 yellow cones placed out at the entrance to guide you in so look out for those!)


If everyone parks sensibly then there should be enough room for all cars. Parking is also allowed on the main road outside.


Good luck everyone