Club Name Changes

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Just to advise on a couple of club name changes – one, some of you may already be aware of – the first name change is St. Georges, and St. Georges are now St. Georges Dragons. We wish all of the dragons (or members I should say) the best of luck this season in this new venture and they clearly looking forward, and in addition trying to attract new members to the Morpeth club – and following the model of other outdoor and indoor clubs. Well done to all concerned and good luck.

The other change is Gosforth Empire; Gosforth Empire are now called Gosforth & Coxlodge Bowls Club.

Again like St. Georges we wish Gosforth & Coxlodge the very best for the coming season (as well as all clubs, of course). The reason for the change is they no longer have a link with the Gosforth Empire Working Men’s Club. Gosforth & Coxlodge is the same club, has the same venue (as in green), and members, and they are not a new club – nothing has changed except the name of course.