Walker Cup Loss

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This afternoon our Women’s Walker Cup team played Yorkshire @ Middlesbrough BC.

The Walker Cup (County Double Rinks) – and unfortunately it was not the result we wanted today.

Yorkshire 54 Northumberland 32

We wish Yorkshire the very best at the regional finals that are scheduled for Sunday 17th July.

S Storey 15 S Allen 26 (Yorkshire)

V Symons 17 M Dowson 28 (Yorkshire)

The game was close up to the 14 end stage, as at that point there was only 2 shots (deficit) in the game. But the next 4 ends on each rink we conceded a total of 19 shots – and this put paid to our chances. Scores and ends were exchanged, mainly singles to both sides – and the game was done.

This loss ends our Walker Cup campaign for 2022, as the competition is a straight knock out.