Men’s Registrations – updated

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This is a note for ALL Male players of clubs that are affiliated to Bowls Northumberland Men’s Section. This is most important as can affect both insurance, league games, cups and competitions. So please read on and if you unsure please let us know.

Firstly all clubs should have registered ALL players by now anyway – However, this registered list must include not just players that are playing in Clegg or Knight or County Competitions (such as Singles or Pairs) – but everyone (who is a member – such as casual bowlers, or honorary members) that have access to your green (this is not spectators or visitors on taster/open days, or try before you buy players) – as this is also linked to public liability insurance (will confirm this aspect in further detail next week). All of these players must be registered via a members list that goes to BNMS Administrator (George Batey) – along with £5 per member, which then goes to Bowls England. Again as before all of this should have happened but we want to ensure the reasons behind this list, but also we want to try and make sure all clubs have registered each and everyone of you.

There has been a number issues / queries up to this point. BUT as Bowls Northumberland Men’s Section we are starting these checks rigorously come Monday 16th May. So you may ask what does this mean?

  • So each club needs to register full playing members, junior members, honorary life members, casual social playing members and any person whose membership gives them access to the green during the season.
  • If you have a player that is NOT registered; i.e. from your club secretary / or treasurer and has not included a member in your list, then this could mean they are in default in league games, where they have played.
  • So from 16 May – ANY player that is not registered and plays in Nines, Knight or Clegg – then that club will be in default and will mean points are deducted (see rule 6 – under General Conditions – relating to Leagues).
  • If ANY player that is not registered and plays in Cup competitions – Jubilee, Edwardson and Challenge – then they will be in default and disqualified from that competition (see rules 15, 13 and 13 for each respective cup rules).
  • This ALSO applies to ANY player that is in the County Competitions – Singles, Pairs, Triples, Senior 4’s, etc. Again anyone that is not registered will be disqualified. This is why scorecards and ALL names on the scorecards are vital – hence me asking / and then checking needs to take place for the above reasons.
  • If you are not sure who you have registered – or you need to amend your original list – this can be done for you – so please get in touch. But the important aspect here is if a player is playing in the Clegg for example and has not been registered previously, then they MUST be BEFORE they can play – otherwise they / you will be in default.


I hope all of this is self-explanatory, and as you may realise this is most important and important to get it right and ensure ALL members are registered. AND failure to do this starting from Monday 16 May – will clearly impact your league results, cup competitions etc.

Any questions (hopefully there isn’t any or many!) – but seriously if there is please let us know. We are here to help you – after all we all want the same and that is our members playing and enjoying their bowls. Thank You.

Any further enquires or questions please direct them to George Batey.