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The Men’s County Two Bowl continued tonight (Monday) where the round of 16 was played.

The possible stand out tie of the round saw current England International Gosforth’s Chris Yeomans take on his club colleague and former England star Chris Palmer. The game was possibly a game of two halves and through the 21 ends, and both players scored in spells. Yeomans scored on the first 3 ends to lead 3 nil, Palmer replied with the next 2 ends, to take the lead 4 – 3, and then Yeomans scored on the next 3 himself to lead 7 – 4 at 8 ends. The next 5 ends Palmer scored on each one, and led 11 – 7 at 13 ends. But unfortunately for Palmer, Yeomans scored on next 7 ends to take the tie 16 – 11.

Holder St. Georges Gary Myerscough needed an extra end to overcome former 2 times champion Wooler’s Brian Davidson 16 – 15. Gary also needed a one to force the extra in the first instance on the 21st end.

North Shields West End’s Roy Stephenson continued his run with a close victory over Benfield’s Alan Pomfrey, where Stephenson who had led 11 – 3, but Pomfrey clawed this back to being only one behind at 18 ends (13 – 12). However Stephenson was not to be denied and scored on 2 of the last 3 ends to take the game 16 – 13. Stephenson will have home advantage again next week and will take on Gosforth’s Chris Yeomans.

There was also good news for Yeomans club colleague James McKenna who defeated Collingwood’s Fabian Scott 16 – 11 at Gosforth. McKenna will face the holder Gary Myerscough at St. Georges next week.

The final ties of the evening saw a very good away for Seaton Sluice’s Ian Dickinson who defeated the 4 bowl singles champion Jonty King at Benfield 17 – 10. Dickinson will now be at home next week, where Ian will play Walker St. Peters Bob McKinnon. Bob beat New Delaval Knight’s Ryan Warnes-Hall 18 – 12 this evening. The final game to advise was a good home win for Cramlington’s Paul Timney who beat another Knight – Tom Symons 14 – 11.

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