Muras Cup Double Header Arrangements

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The Muras Cup Double Header will take place this coming Saturday (25th May) in Cumbria. The games and timings are below: –

At Kirkbride BC – Northumberland v Durham – 10 am start.  (Durham will stay at Kirkbride BC and play Cumbria in the afternoon). 

We will eat lunch at Kirkbride BC BEFORE we depart for Courtfield BC.

We will play the second game at Courtfield at 2:30 pm, where we play Yorkshire. Both afternoon games at the different venues will commence at the same time of 2:30 pm.

The postal code for Kirkbride BC is CA7 5HT.

I believe the distance between the greens from Kirkbride to Courtfield is approximately 12 miles.

The postal code for Courtfied BC is CA1 2AL (and address is River Street, Carlisle).

Kirkbride BC is further than Carlisle, so please allow enough time to get to Kirkbride for the morning game, and can all players arrive by 9:30 am. Any issues please contact Team Manager Steve Pallas or Administrator George Batey.