May 5th Game – Alsop Squad

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Further to previous e-mails on the game on May 5th at Gosforth BC – “probables” v “possibles”.

The Alsop squad for this game is shown below, and all players will get a game of at least 10 ends.  The game will also bring the county teams together on and off the green, which is an important exercise for all concerned going forward for the 2019 season.

There is an Indian meal after the game which will be free to all players and all players are expected to stay for this meal. If anyone does not like Indian food then an alternative will be provided – so for those that don’t like Indian food please contact Steve Pallas on 07990711955.

Squad: –

C Armstrong (C), L Birch (NB), M Bishop (HH), K Blaylock (ST), D Bolton (RY), P Brookwell (SS), C Cairns (RY), F Close (G), D Cooper (HX), P Dawson (BW), M Dickinson (G), G Donkin (RY), R Donkin (RY), A Fantozzi (CN), M Heron (RY), G Jobe (C), A Johnson Jnr (FS), L Jones (WC), K Lowery (ST), P Mason (BW), D Mitchell (CN), B Rootham (BD), F Scott (C), F Short (BW), J Sutherland (CN), J Taylor (NB), J Taylor (BD), I Webb (BD), M White (CN), S Williams (HS), J Wilson (SS).

If any player is not available please contact Keith Rowe on 07779901850 at the earliest opportunity.