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Over recent weeks there has been unfortunately situations where bad or foul and / or abusive language has been used and witnessed. Such situations that I refer have taken place around the county BOTH on and off the green.

This news is a reminder to ALL players/members, no matter what club or competition you are from that such language is not welcome at all or appropriate in anyway and should not be used.

I sincerely hope such instances I mention are “one off’s” and this news post is to reinforce the message of what language and behaviours should be used and adhered to.

In a sport we all love and where we are reducing in membership, such bad or foul language or behaviour will clearly not attract new members to our clubs, or even families to come along and support all our games.

Furthermore under Bowls England Regulations where we are affiliated to – this touches on this aspect –

“12. Show respect to colleagues, opponents and officials and not subject them to any physical or verbal abuse at any time”.

I hope this message reaches to you all, and shared where needed – as such situations and use of foul language will simply not be tolerated.