Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

National Finals – Northumberland’s Competitors


Junior Singles 6th – 7th August
A) Mattea Ross (G)
B) Rachel Cartwright (BD)
Senior Pairs 6th – 8th August
Alison Robson (BU) and Dorothy Martin (AM)
Fours 7th – 10th August
A) Pat Browne, Liz Goldsmith, Rachel Cartwright & Kayleigh Proctor (BD)
B) Adrienne Brennan, Allison Storey, Margaret Turner & Gloria Stapylton (PE)
4 Wood Singles 10th – 12th August
A) Kayleigh Proctor (BD)
B) Sandra Ferguson (BW)
Senior Singles 12th – 13th August
Dorothy Martin (AM)
Triples 13th – 16th August
A) Pat Browne, Rachel Cartwright & Kayleigh Proctor (BD)
B) Alison Robson, Geraldine Jameson & Norma Craig (BU)
2 Wood Singles 15th – 17th August
A) Rachel Cartwright (BD)
B) Pat Browne (BD)
Pairs 16th – 19th August
A) Alison Robson & Geraldine Jameson (BU)
B) Dorothy Topping & Ray Brown (AK)
Senior Fours 23rd – 25th August
Val Middleton, Helena Ball, Alison Robson, Norma Craig (BU)
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